Rooftop and Fixed Ladder Rescue

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Rooftop and Fixed Ladder Rescue

Rooftop and Fixed Ladder Rescue


The course is aimed at workers that may need to gain access to rooftops, Vertical fixed ladders and structures to do their day to day work, but due to legislation need to have in place rescue cover and Safe systems of work.  It will cover all aspects of Rooftop, Vertical fixed ladder rescue training. 


About the programme

The programme is structured to balance the theory of hazard analysis and risk control with practical training involving realistic work and emergency scenarios.  It will culminate in a practical and simple written assessment on completion of the knowledge and skill acquisition stage.    


Pre-requisites and validity

A valid current Rooftop Access Certificate or Rooftop Safety and the safe use of restraining and Fall Arrest equipment are the minimum level of training. The student will need a good head for heights. After successful completion of the Fixed Ladder and Rooftop Rescue course, this certificate will be validated for 1-year period.


Certification will be through Radio Structures accreditation and we also have Arqiva Accreditation for access onto their Gateway. 


Course content


  • Industry standards
  • Company policies and procedures
  • Hazard recognition/mitigation
  • Exclusion zones and fall hazards
  • Safety plans
  • Equipment use, inspection, and maintenance of rescue equipment
  • Anchor selection and application
  • Vertical Fixed Ladder climbing systems
  • Ropes
  • Knots, bends, hitches
  • Raise and Lower descent control
  • Work simulation at height
  • Rescue plan, overview and the hierarchy of rescue techniques
  • Use of pre-rigged rescue kits
  • Advanced rescue techniques
  • Rescue performance: difficult access and advanced rescue
  • Priorities of Rescues
  • Selection of Rescue equipment
  • Establishing a simple haul system
  • Importance of the correct recovery position
  • Rescues using cableways
  • Rescues from a restraint and fall arrest system
  • Rescue from Vertical fixed ladders including hooped ladders

Clothing and equipment

The programme’s practical training will be undertaken in realistic working environment.  All delegates should bring suitable safety footwear with ankle protection, warm and wet weather clothing suitable for outdoor working is also advised.

The date for this event has either already passed or no sub-events have been setup for this course!
The date for this event has either already passed or no sub-events have been setup for this course!

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