Tower and Structural Rescue (Refresher if applicable)

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Tower and Structural Rescue (Refresher if applicable)

Tower and Structural Rescue (Refresher if applicable) RSS13

Arqiva Approved Course

The TRS Safety Training Tower and Structural Rescue course looks at rescue and recovery techniques whilst working at heights on industrial towers towers or structural rooftops and fixed ladders systems. The 1 day course is aimed at allowing the student to gain knowledge, experience and competencies based around setting up simple rescue systems of work that may be used in the telecommunications, industrial and construction industry. It also covers fundamental first aid implications whilst working at heights in the same working environments.

The Tower Rescue practical sessions are delivered on an outdoor training structures. So students are advised to bring with them appropriate clothing for the prevailing weather conditions and the appropriate PPE needed to carry out the tasks within the course content.If you are unsure of these requirements, please contact the centre.

Tower Rescue certificate validation: This course currently has a 1 year validation although interim refreshers would be advised. Any student wishing to do the Joint Advanced Climber Refresher and Tower Rescue refresher needs to confirm this with the office and the directing staff. There is a surcharge of £10.00 for certification. The Advanced Climber certificate will be valid for 3 years.

Course Approval This course is Arqiva approved and is a prerequisite for entry and access onto all Arqiva sites whilst climbing.

Toweer and Structural Rescue course prerequisites To attend this course you must have a valid Industrial climber certificate. Minimum age 18 and students must have an understanding of spoken and written English. A fit for work declaration will need to be completed before start of course.

Tower and Structural Rescue course content: The course covers theory and practical areas like Categories of Height - Working at Height regulations regarding Rescues - Hazard Identifications - Risk Assessments - Correct selection of Rescue equipment - Emergency Service considerations - fundamental first aid implications with working at heights Harness suspension injuries - Recovery position - Anchor Point Selection - Snatch Rescue - Raise and lower rescue – Tensioned line rescue – Pilot line rescue - Basic Abseil techniques - Basic Knots - Simple Lifting and rigging techniques.

Assessment procedure: The Tower Rescue course ongoing practical assessment throughout the course and a questions and answers paper on completion of the course to gauge your understanding of the course content. Assistance will be given for those who may need it.

The date for this event has either already passed or no sub-events have been setup for this course!
The date for this event has either already passed or no sub-events have been setup for this course!

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