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Arqiva / MATS / EUSR

TRS Safety training is currently an approved Arqiva / MATS Group (Mast and Towers Group) EUSR (Energy Utilities Skills) training provider. All TRS Safety Training courses in this section are Arqiva / MATS approved and comply with Arqiva Gateway minimum course content requirements.

From 1st January 2020, Any person wanting to gain access to Arqiva / MATS sites must attend EUSR "Energy Utilities Skills Register" climber and rescue courses. All previous climbing certification under the old Arqiva system is no longer valid. 

For further information on EUSR certs, please drop an email to

For individuals wishing to gain access to non Arqiva or MATS sites, please contact the centre to chat about your options. RadioStructures still ofer alternative climber and rescue awards for non MATS sites.

Please check with your employer and customer what level of certification and training will be required.

Work Solution 1. Operators working on Arqiva / MATS rooftops only but not in a position of a fall, will now need the minimum of Rooftop Access / Rooftop Worker and RF Awareness. Arqiva no longer accept the half day Rooftop Safety Awareness course as a level of competency.

Work solution 2. Operators working on rooftops within a fall potential / Ladder climbing will need the minimum of RF Awareness and Rooftop Access / Worker.

Work solution 3. Any operators climbing structures will need a minimum of Rooftop Access / Worker, RF Awareness, First Aid at Heights and the new EUSR Initial or Basic climber and rescue certs.

Some companies working on Arqiva sites ask, all levels of employees to have the maximum level of training. This would normally take 5 days of training and involve attending all the courses in work solution number three. Some companies / Auditors may ask for Rooftop and Ladder Rescue and safe lifting techniques cerification.

What are the differences between Rooftop Safety Awareness and Rooftop Access / Worker?

The Rooftop Safety Awareness course provides the student with a non practical classroom based course. The worker would normally gain access to a roof through a door and  have no potential of falling either through the roof , down ladders or over the edge of a roof.  The course does not teach the student the use of harnesses or restraint systems, Climbing vertical ladders. The environment this worker may be working in would be one with correct height edge protection. This course is due to be changed to come under MATS / EUSR accreditation.

The Rooftop Access / Worker course provides the student with the course content from the Awareness course in the morning then they are taught the correct techniques of Work restraint, Work Positioning and Fall Arrest systems of work. This includes the use of harnesses. The envirnoment the Rooftop Access worker may be deployed to is a rooftop environment where there is a risk of falling either through a roof, down a ladder or over an unprotected edge.This course is due to be changed to come under MATS / EUSR accreditation.

All course fees are shown excluding VAT at 20%. The EUSR courses are inclusive of their Virtual ID Card, For a plastic charge EUSR charge another fee.  All full days courses are inclusive of a buffet meal.

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