EUSR / MATS Basic climber + Rescue (Refresher) formerly Advanced Climber + Rescue (Refresher)

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EUSR / MATS Basic climber + Rescue (Refresher) formerly Advanced Climber + Rescue (Refresher)

~~Course content
• Industry standards
• Company policies and procedures
• Types of structures and access options: ropes, climbing, ladders
• Hazard recognition/mitigation
• Exclusion zones and fall hazards
• Safety plans
• Fall protection
• Equipment use, inspection, and maintenance
• Anchor selection and application
• Harnesses
• Connectors
• Energy absorbers and lanyards
• Self retracting lifelines
• Vertical lifelines and fall arrestors
• Ladder climbing systems
• Horizontal lifelines
• Knots, bends, hitches, Ropes
• Climbing plan/pre climb checklist
• Climbing, descending, and manoeuvring techniques
• Ascent and descent control
• Work simulation at height

Climber Rescue Content
• Priorities of Rescues
• Equipment use, inspection, and maintenance of rescue equipment
• Anchor selection and application
• Ladder climbing systems
• Ropes
• Knots, bends, hitches for rescues
• Raise and Lower descent control in rescues
• Rescue plan, overview and the hierarchy of rescue techniques
• Use of pre-rigged rescue kits
• Advanced rescue techniques
• Rescue performance: difficult access and advanced rescue
• Selection of Rescue equipment including stretchers
• Establishing a simple haul system
• Importance of the correct recovery position
• Rescues using cableways, Pilot line rescues
• Rescues from a restraint and fall arrest system


Basic Climber + Rescue (Refresher) RSS11

Arqiva approved course

TRS Safety Trainings Basic Structural Climber Refresher course will now be delivered during joint Climber Rescue course.  Students wishing to revailadate their initial or basic climber certifiication should book onto a basic climber refresher course.

The course is aimed at updating and revalidating the experienced and qualified industrial climber in new legislation updates and techniques. The course covers all the areas indicated in the TRS Safety Training Initial and basic climber course content.

Initial and basic Climber Refresher course approval: This TRS Safety Training course is an Arqiva / MATS Group approved course and is a prerequisite for entry and access onto all Arqiva sites whilst climbing telecommunication structures.

The course practical sessions are delivered on an outdoor training structure. So students are advised to bring with them appropriate clothing for the prevailing weather conditions. They must also bring the right level of PPE needed to carry out the tasked related to the Course.

Certificate Validation: This course is an annual revalidation through the EUSR registration scheme.The course fees includes £36.00 for the EUSR ID card

Initial and basic Climber Refresher course prerequisites: Students must have a current in date Advanced Climber certificate, Tower Rescue or a current indate Initial Climber cert. Students must provide evidence of their certificate in advance of attending a course. No proof of certs no course!

Minimum age 18 and students must have an understanding of spoken and written English. A fit for work declaration will need to be completed before start of course.

Assessment procedure: The Initial and basic Industrial Climber refresher course has an ongoing practical assessment throughout the course and a questions and answers paper on completion of the course to gauge your understanding of the course content. Assistance will be given for those who may need it.



The date for this event has either already passed or no sub-events have been setup for this course!
The date for this event has either already passed or no sub-events have been setup for this course!

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